About Wordsmith1985

Hello Reader! My name is Laxman. I am an undergraduate. I have been blogging for a while. I am just getting started here. I spend the most of my day musing, about various things. And I come here to express those that transpire into words. The topics I choose depend mostly on current-affairs.


Read my serial ‘Blog,’ which is kind of a journal but one that deals with the most innate of my thoughts.

I write poetry too. So watch out for that odd versification.

My penchant for literary creativity ekes me to post a cameo once in every while.

The bottom-line is that there is no bottom-line.

My mission is to entertain people and to do it with consistency. I am not going to be posting a lot of pictures; however, I hope to capture your imagination with picturesque phraseology.

We have our goldsmith, blacksmith, silversmith, bladesmith, locksmith, et al working on their craft. I am just such a novice craftsman working on words.

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