Posted by: Laxman | December 20, 2010

Ration Card Scenario

Hey… Today, I had some interesting work. I had to apply for a change of address for my mum’s ration card. I had been putting off the work, knowing the tedium of its nature. The Food Corporation office is part of the Tamil Nadu State Government office. It follows a lot of oblique procedures when it comes to such amendments – oblique for the Tax payer, that is.

To begin with, my address is from one district to another. So I had to travel, by bus, some 50 km only to be told that the applications are received only till 1 pm. After much of begging and coaxing, I get the form attested, by the Office Assistant to set the ball in motion.  He asks me to go to our previous ration shop and get the consumer id., cancelled. I indeed did so, and in the nick of time too.

Now I need to travel back to the old district office and show him the cancellation done by the local ration shop agent. And then go to my present, new district ration office, and follow the routine… ALL OVER AGAIN!

To top it all, my mum’s is an Honorary Ration Card – as in, a ration card providing no rations. It is a pseudo-ration card-social identity-cum-address proof document! It is too sad that I need my address updated with this to get my passport! And to think of the social security numbers and identification documents other countries easily render their citizens with!

India is a hard nation to get by, with your Indian identity!


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