Posted by: Laxman | October 18, 2009

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Reader, the sporadic and irregular updating of this journal will tell you that one has only a very limited time to search upon ones questions on life’s mysteries amid getting on with the day’s work. Which brings us to yet another question as to what is the necessity to search and figure out life’s so-called mysteries while one can be satisfied getting on with ones day’s work. The answer is that we are cursed with knowledge and curiosity towards more knowledge. The framework of our being is such that we cannot help but pursue the answers pertaining to the mysteries of our origin, existence and purpose of existence, if there supposedly is any.

Today’s bone of contention is what many anthropologists would be happy to get a verdict on, for it has haunted all humanity with conflicting thoughts ever since thoughts began: to give it to you on a platter, the conflict between Instinct and Morality.

If you ask me, please read the nine other parts of this mind journal before asking me anything, I would say that Instinct and Morality can exist together as long as you understand their nature.

Various scriptures have the answers embedded in them. That’s what any scripture is about, symbolisms and ciphers. You need to have an irreverent probing eye to decipher them and get what you want, or rather what was intended by the scriptor(!) to convey to you in actual.

The Book of Genesis, for instance gives you the story of Adam and Eve and the quintessential consumption of the Forbidden Fruit, from the Tree of Knowlgdge. For me, that is life (by life, I mean the one that triggers the necessary mutation in order to facilitate natural selection or adaptation) questioning the first two complete specimens of Homo sapiens whether to adapt to Abstract Thinking or not! Life “naturally selected” abstract thinking as a survival essential… Bite the apple… And… Eureka! Morality is the EXAPTATION.

For the benefit of those who do not understand the scientific terms, exaptation is the unnecessitated adaptation, that is the “side-effect” of a necessary one. So… What do you do with an evolution that comes as a freebie with the one you ordered for? You could put it to good use or carry that as a baggage, or the worst case scenario, you program it in such a way that it becomes a virus camouflaged in your space.

Read the Book of Genesis, carefully again and you will know that before the knowledge of Good and Evil was obtained, Good and Evil prevailed without being classified as Good and Evil. Bingo! The thought or act of evil or sin is, therefore, not as intrinsically evil as the KNOWLEDGE that they are so.

So Morality varies with land, in other words, your habitat. It is a relative term. And must ALWAYS benefit the species as a whole. You will have to use morality to create a strong society, but you can’t destroy individuals of the society by using morality. It’s a bloody paradox. It can be ignored if it offers to do more that it is required to.

The best thing that can be done is to treat morality with its limited utility. Get united and integrated as a socially strong species. Reader, you will be a moron or a primate if you stick to ideologies. For they are merely what they are: ideas for existence. They are NOT things to exist for. Existence is to strive toward the unreachable goal of perfection. Yes, no one can reach perfection. So strive and get as close as possible, closer than any of your ancestors have or peers and successors would. Use your upgradation… the only difference between you and the rest of life on this planet… Intelligence, or your mind, to circumvent animalistic behaviour, and yet obtain what you want, being an animal in essence – Homo sapien.

…think about it while I come back with more thoughts.


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