Posted by: Laxman | October 6, 2009

Blog IX

READER, it has been exactly four months since I wrote my last post. My life in these four months has gone a full circle. I sit before my computer screen with the same mood as when I wrote my last post. However, intermediately, I have surfed to the ends of my sanity and returned with a lot of experience to boast about. How much can someone long for something to happen? As much as it takes for one to realise that the darned thing is not worth it!

I received a nice text message forward from a friend. It said something like this: Our problems are not actually our problems but how we react to them. Emotionally, I went through one of the most traumatic period of my life within the span of  last four months. Honestly, I created one hundred percent of it myself.

What does it take to live a peaceful, content and happy life, reader? The answer is not outward to look for, but inward to search for. To look at and to look within oneself and search for peace is perhaps the most difficult to do. Why, it is more difficult than finding a pin lost in the vast expanses of the universe.

Internal peace is something hard to find. People search for it in money, luxury, religion, so-called-spirituality and perceived-faith. Peace is that state where there are no ripples in the pond of mind; no stress, no tension, no worry, no frustration, no guilt, no despair, no dejection, et al.

Peace is calm. It is that absolute state of bliss where there is hardly anything missed or out of place; a state where everything is in order; where body, soul and mind – the trinity is in tranquility.

How do we find it? Well, I learnt that we have to wear our glasses, quite internally. How do you approach life when it unleashes on you its nimble mischances. What will you do when the Law of Averages goes to sleep for a while and lets loose improbable probabilities of miseries on you?

The only answer I got when everything around me was going haywire was to Shut-Up-And-Get-On-With-My-Work! If you don’t have work, create it. No matter what happens around you, just do what you do on a normal day in your normal life and leave the rest to take care of itself. Give your problems some Time and Space. They probably will never last their test.

…when time permits!


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