Posted by: Laxman | June 7, 2009


READER, the mind journal is becoming a cache of more and more information. Since it is raw, it is fresh. The thoughts as they are formed when registered on an external representation of linguistics do make for an interesting read of the workings of ones mind. It is hidden among the hoards of information available on the web. Everyone is anonymous in a crowd.

Change is an interesting concept. All of us are changing by the second. The Universe is changing by every passing moment. The photo frame of the Universe of the present second is not as same as the previous one, nor will it be such as the next one. This moving, evolving, continuous reality is a metaphysical braid of Time and Space. We cease to exist if this continuous collaboration ceases to move.

How do we change? We change by learning. We evolve. We learn something every moment. I am not talking about the academics, neither philosophy nor news. We have five classified senses of perception which register information which are processed in our head. While we are awake we learn by our consciousness and while asleep, through semi-consciousness, via dreams. But we never stop learning. We start learning since our brain starts functioning and seldom stop it until we are clinically declared dead. The last thing we learn is that we will be dead the next moment!

Ergo, I am not the same person I was a second ago, neither are you, reader. Yes. We learn. We change. That degree of change makes us a unique personality with a unique set of traits which exists only for a given moment or unit of time. However, this change is not perceptible to us on the basis of a second by second account. What makes us realise this process is when we study the contrasts between the personality of a human being over a longer period of time. I am not the same person, I was ten years ago. Degenerating the variation in my personality and mental constitution, I can imagine deconstructing this total difference down to the last second, even the very next second it began from the assumed time in the past.

Some call this change as progress. Some others call it metamorphosis. Some call it growth. Darwin called it Evolution.

If we see this change as a linear progression, it is questionable whether it is an upward shift or a downward one, or merely a constant horizontal movement with everything, each particular change, accounted for.

But what we know for sure is that it is not the samething any more. Every moment in life is new. It is fresh. Something to learn for and everything to look forward for. There is hardly a scope for a dull moment in ones life.



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