Posted by: Laxman | May 14, 2009

Blog VII

READER, first of all, pardon me in advance. This edition is going to take a while for you to complete reading. I write after my thoughts have begun flowing over the brim of my head. I write with a sleepy eye, so pardon me again for errors owing to that, only typographically, for I have sound thoughts which I doubt whether I am capable of erring with.  

The entire thought process started by thinking about God and questions related to God. Does an entity called God exist? Did God incarnate in the forms of Christ, Shiva, Krishna or Yahweh? Does God have ten hands and thousand heads, and is God capable of granting us our prayers? These are questions that pretty much every generation before me has asked and pretty much every generation after me will continue to ask.

I realised, rather discovered, that God is only a metaphor. I have attended various debates between Science and Religion. These two worlds, people believe, are totally incongruent. People say that they are always antonymous to each other. I believe that without comprehending one, you cannot appreciate the other thoroughly. Science started when the wheel was devised. Religion started even before that. Perhaps when fire was discovered. Surely, the fire must have been discovered before the wheel was invented.

My thoughts have me believe that Religion is the science of God. It is the science of what one must do with an entity called God. It has taught us how we must treat such mystic force, since we, in the first place, believe that it exists. I am not talking about a particular religion but the experience of it. Using the word spirituality is ambiguous here. So think of an all encompassing word Religion which is inclusive of what all religions of the world are about. They all require a god or gods. So the word God is again representational of all gods.  

Ergo, before Science became science, that is to say that, it became popular, and it became popular with the Renaissance, Religion did its job. The job of trying to discover who we are – the realisation of the self. Now, as per the scientists, 150,000 years after we evolved as human beings, we know that we, indeed, evolved as human beings. We know with fossil findings to corroborate and carbon dating to validate that we evolved from single cellular organisms.

Now, it remains a bone of contention whether I am a theist, when I have expressed my belief in the Theory of Evolution. It’s a funny term – Theism is. If you take out the suffix, “ism” which appears after pretty much every term which is a concept or a philosophy, the root word is “The” – definite article. Absolute. That is to say that, Theism is a philosophy, an idea, that suggests the belief in the Absolute. And the Absolute is, therefore, God. I started this series by stating that Truth is the Absolute. A = B and B = C, then A = C. Truth = God. That is, in fact, what Gandhi said.

Getting back to the origin of species, now that I have validated Evolution, do I validate the Big Bang Theory too? I am not too sure, whether the entire of the universe started from one atom. Or as the evangelists suggest, by it’s etymology, from the word of God, “uni” – one and “verse” – utterance. All I know is that language came much after the creation of matter or even the development of human beings, for that matter. So you couldn’t say. But, hey, what the heck, it is again only a theory. What I am doing here is again theorisation. The root word “The” followed by the suffix “-ory,” the Latin base to construct nouns. Hence, this is a kindly contemplation of the Absolute – theorisation is. So let us keep the Big Bang aside as it is not of substance in this search at this point.

Coming back to what I was talking about, that God is only a metaphor, the bridge that I was constructing between Science and Religion and the talk about theists. What I am driving at is, we have a group of people who call themselves as Pantheists. These Panthiests believe that God is everything. I remember coming across a question, if God is everything, then isn’t it, in effect, same as God is nothing, when you don’t qualify or distinguish the entity. And another question stating, if so, is shit God too.

I gave it a thought and Science provided the answer. Follow this quote!

“God can neither be created nor be destroyed, but transformed from one form to another.”

God = mc^2  

God is only a metaphor!

…think about it, until we meet next time!


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