Posted by: Laxman | May 2, 2009

The Fake IPL Player!

Blogging seems to be the way to go in this third millenium. Citizen Journalism is a term we are having to come across quite often these days. The one hot blog with blogspot that is making the waves is a blog titled the Fake IPL player. This guy claims to be from the locker-room of the Kolkata Knight Rider Team. He seems to have a certain dislike for the Coach John Buchanan and the team owner Shahrukh Khan. He calls them Bhooka Naan and Winnie the Dildo respectively. The blog has heated up to more than a lakh profile views in just a fortnight. It is hard to get a Google Page Rank 3/10. What some of us were able to achieve in 7 months this guy seem to have done in 7 days. He has almost 5000 other bloggers listed as following his blog.

The biggest bone of contention is whether this really is a mole serving stories from the insides of the Kolkata Team or is it some frustrated KKR fan venting his anger on the perpetrators responsible for robbing Ganguly of the team’s captaincy. The blogger seems to have a distinct liking for the Prince of Kolkata and refers to him as Lord Almighty or Lordie. Fitting nickname for a man who made an astounding test debut scoring a century at the Lords.

What makes or breaks a blog? Some of us are still trying to device our own strategies of selling our thoughts. Not for money. But for readership. Eyeballs are something that any writer would enjoy to attract. The Fake-ipl-player is wise in this regard. He has chosen the most extravagant and popular event this summer and has come up with a series of the most hilarious, nefarious and atrocious articles ever. The anonymity always creates curiosity among readers.

I got to know about this blog from the New Indian Express. Initially, I thought that this might be one of King Khan’s publicity stunts. He is a man of peculiar thrills and is, like a magician, capable of conjuring pure gold from thin air.

On the other hand, this could even be someone with an elevated sense of creativity making educated conjectures. But the factual informations that this guy provides, like the names of the pubs in South Africa that these teams visit after matches, the timings of the team meetings and the team selection related issues makes one believe that this person is indeed an insider.

But the information shared by the Fake-ipl-player is such that it does damage to all quarters. We all know that a lot of money and promiscuity go hand in hand. If his articles has a smidgeon of truth in them, then the IPL tourney seems to have a very dark flipside to it. A lot of people are getting laid. And a lot other laying them. His total derogatory disposition for some one and all is catching a lot of attention. Especially his choice of nicknames, for instance Appam Chutiya for Sreesanth and oxymorons and sarcasms like Little Monster for Sachin Tendulkar and Little John for Ishant Sharma. He seems to have little respect for Mandira Bedi who he refers to as Sandy Baddy Babe and Preity Zinta whom he calls the Bubbly. The only person he repects through-out, out of the important people in his team, comes as a surprise. Only refers to him as Skipper and says that he likes him because he come across as a good person. Brendon McCullum. 😉

For more info check out Fake-IPL-Player


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