Posted by: Laxman | May 2, 2009

Blog V

READER, I was in a coma. I let my alter ego call the shots for a short time till now. But I am back. I cannot be resisted for long. I am like a Phoenix that has to be destoryed to be created anew with more vigour, strength and fire. I am not new. I am renewed. These sentences make my existence sound enigmatic, may be even fascinating. We are anything but fascinating beings. We forget in order to appreaciate ourselves better afresh. Had we not been capable of forgetfulness, we might have been an uninteresting species. Dull to death. We forget, therefore we sustain.

What were we talking about before we signed off for the last time? Ah, yes, Faith! We were talking about Keats. His faith. I was drawing a parallel between all “Faith.” This word has governed us for at least, since Abraham. Was anyone there before Abraham? Of course, Adam. And before Adam? There was man. After all the word “Adam” means, in English, Mankind. Nice choice of word for someone who sat down to write the Book of Genesis. 😉

I have met evangelists who claim that carbon dating is a hoax. They say that earth was only 6000 years old, as the Bible claims. Does the Bible really claim that? Some of their lot say that the earth is 10,000 years old. Is it? Could any of our scientists make me believe beyond any doubt that it is, in fact, more than that?

Some of our scientists who observe a dying star implode into fantastic, colourful firework say that the actual event has happened some millions of years ago. And that it is not happening anymore at the point where the astronomical tumult, as we perceive to be happening right now. Because light only travels at 3 x 10^8 metres/second. Add zillions of such metres between the observer and the happening and one realises that one is looking at something that is happening, rather that happened millions of years ago in the past, but is reaching us now, in the present. What is happening there now, will reach us only millions of years later, in the future. Time lapse due to Space!

It also makes us realise many other things. It is substantial because of the amount of distance that the light from the dying star has travelled to reach us. While in our own room, through the looking glass, we realise that we are always looking into a milli-second into the past. It is us, but a miniscule of a while ago. Light takes time to travel from us, hit the mirror and travel back to reach our eyes. Time and Space!

Interesting these two universal entities. At least you are stumbling upon these two in my musings a lot. They are not very different. Both are intangible. Can you touch and feel Time or Space, while you are both time and space? Both have three dimensions to them. Time has the past, the present and the future, while Space has the length, the breadth and the width. They are, in fact, we realise, the same entity in different formats separate from each other, yet existing together.

They are parallel, yet they meet. The question is, if we bent Space could we bend Time? Albert Einstein tried to. So are many others now. For one who is capable of bending Time will be, although too little to encapsulate in three letters, gives you the idea, God!

…see you on the other side of time!


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