Posted by: Laxman | April 19, 2009

Our own Jabberwocky!

 Last night, I was texting a friend of mine. And she suggested that we play a verse game. The following is just random stuff. But it was a fun to write and read. I believe that it is too precious to delete from my inbox. But my inbox can’t accommodate more than 72 texts. Necessity… Invention… Blog..!

(I am not gonna mention who wrote which part. That will spoil the fun of reading!)

“There was a frog named Bob.

He looked like a green blob.

He hated cherry cake.

But people wanted him to bake.

The poor frog named Bob.”


“He had a buddy called Bud.

She was a lil toad.

She baked Bob’s cherry cake.

And saved his ass from the trap of a snake.”


“So wrote Ismail in his notebook filled with forest stories.

The red bus he sat in rattled across the rugged plains of Western Ghat foot hills.”


“The conductor blew his big blue whistle.

The rattling red bus rested from the rustle.

Ismail got down near the foot hill jungle.

And the bus began to rattle again with a double big bugle.”


“And now the writer halted his rhyme watching Ismail drag his legs slowly down the lane.

This lane was tunnel-ed by a million canopies leading to a small house.

Here, he lived with his grand mother.

She was busy at home steaming soft appams.”


“The writer touched the spot on his chest.

Where the BumbleBee had stung, before buzzing off twitching her nose.

And saw Ismail enter Paatti’s house.

He clenched his teeth and clenched his fist.

Paatti had eaten all but one steaming appam.”


“Yoo Whoo…

Not happy with the way the story is going?


Who You? Asked Ismail.

And got banged on the head with a rolled steel foil.”


So much for Jabberwocky!!!



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