Posted by: Laxman | February 14, 2009

Blog IV

READER, Keats said, “Beauty is truth; truth beauty – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” I introduce to you Faith. Well, that would be a sweeping statement, wouldn’t it? I am merely introducing to you something I believe as Faith. The word in the connotation of The Ecumenical Church or The Temples and The Mosques of the world of all Gods might mean different things although similarly. The Faith I am introducing to you is what took me three essays till date and two lines for Keats to describe. For me, Keats has found the Truth he was pursuing. Johnny Keats died at a very young age. He has touched the Absolute within that lifetime spanning 25 years.

Beauty is perceptional, isn’t it? That, however, was not the ‘beauty’ that Keats was referring to in that verse from the Ode on a Grecian Urn. In a similar way, when I say Truth, it doesn’t simply mean the opposite of a lie, or Faith not meaning the adherence to a religious law. Legalism of these things cannot be justified. Truth, Beauty and Faith have to be sought after and personally experienced. No amount of words I utilize will elaborate the exact thought in my head when I talk about these things. Yet, the way I put it here might, in your mind, trigger the first domino of a thought process. The avalanche of thoughts that might fill your head thereafter will lead you to something which, without being so, will seem to be high fantastical.

What was Keats referring to as Beauty then, which he unequivocally equated to Truth? Well, Keats was referring to Truth itself. His Faith was Beauty. I am not speaking again of the unmatchable beauty like that of the Helen of Troy (or Sparta?) or the beauty pageant competitors of today. Although it must be admitted that Helen or a Miss So-and-so were not totally deprived of this beauty, they did not possess it in its entirety.

What kind of a Faith must have Keats possessed to encompass all the Truth and thereby the knowledge of this infinite world in just two lines?  Much like a medieval man from South India who is praised to have measured the world in 1330 such couplets.     

The Faith that provided him with the best tool to uncover Truth. Patience. The Faith that propelled his Freewill (Choice) from his past ways to his present positions to his future accomplishments.    

Alas, that is one part of the Truth which is divided from me by Time as well as Space. The two Universal Entities do not alter the Absolute Entity. They merely separate It from me, shunning me access of experience.

However, I have my own venture, in pursuance of Truth, to undertake as, I am sure, you do too, Reader.

…in pursuance.   


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