Posted by: Laxman | February 12, 2009

Swindled by a Smile.

A recent spectacle –

With probing eyes lighting her smile

The look from sideways sways

To and fro

Waiting for a moment opportune but then

Stealing a gaze, looks down and away

Hither and thither and everywhere

Making me a fool of her whim

Stealing a momentary gaze, looks down and away

Pretending to study a book in hand

One foot on the wall propped by her back

Stealing a gaze, then looks down and away.


Bemused and amused

But curious to figure

I resolve to pretence and drop my guard

There again, she stops to steal another gaze

I catch her eyes and she is arrested

Never looking down and away

I catch her eyes, question her theft

She offers a bribe:

A deliberate smile lighted by eyes!

Darn it! looks down and away

From behind her spectacles

Steals yet another gaze and away and away!


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