Posted by: Laxman | February 12, 2009

Blog III

READER, Truth is deceptive. I guess that is where we ended our last conversation at. Truth. Have you ever thought about Truth? I mean, every one of us do give some thought with respect to the reliability of someone or something. Does that mean that we are considering Absolute Truth? Why should we be even bothered about Absolute Truth at all when we are content and self-sufficient? We need not! But what about those who are not both content and self-sufficient? They go after whatever they need to acquire. Desire. A very important word in all our lives.

Desire is more important to us that Truth. That is why sometimes we don’t hesitate to lie in need of acquiring what we are after, little realising that the lie won’t get us far, let alone help us fully acquire our wish. Even if we acquire someone or something with the help of a lie, we only retain them till our lie sustains. As long as we hold onto our mask with a guilty gut and a blatantly simulated conviction.

Truth outlives Falsehood. The life expectancy of a lie is unimaginatively low. Sometimes we even lie to ourselves. We try to deceive ourselves. Why do we do that? Because we always believe that our stance is the ultimate. Self-importance, self-righteousness, self-sustenance, self-suffice, et al. We are blinded by what is not ours, believing them to be ours. ‘I cannot be wrong,’ is good conviction. ‘I, itself is wrong,’ is wisdom.

Sometimes a lie is more soothing than the truth of the matter to us, personally. It is easy to sustain by believing some lie rather than facing the alternative, bitter truth that will, for sure, hurt us. We dig a deep hole in our consciousness and bury it there, forever, to be forgotten lest it intrude even into our sub-conscience. But not for very long. There is no carpet in the world Truth can be swept under. It is only a case of whether an overwhelming majority knows It or not.

But why is Truth deceptive? Because there is no direct way to acquire Truth. It is not appealing and attractive like Desire and waits like a diamond buried between crusts of impurity; waits forever for us to discover It, while we ourselves wait for the need to go after It.

Besides there are entities like Perception, Judgment, Opinion and Attitude which are slaves of Time and Space and can transfigure in the most bizarre manners when treated by them. They are deceptively capricious. Yet, we operate only with these entities. Our system is up to the brim filled by these. However, no kind of collaboration between Time and Space can reset Truth. Truth remains. Truth prevails.

Enough has been said about the interminable worthiness of Truth. How does it influence our everyday life? What kind of a relationship do we Arbitrary beings share with this Absolute Entity called Truth. With so many revelations awaiting us what do we go after? Here is where Choice plays an important role. To quote Tennyson conveniently, “We are part of all that we have met.” In other words, we are what our past has made us into; where our choices have guided us and placed us now, the present. Ergo, our path to the future lies in our path from our past. Our past determines our future; it tells us which part of Truth to pursue and catalogues our revelations for us.

Is that enough? Is that it? Of course not. We need to make a lot of allowances. Allowances for ourselves, the people we meet and the Truth we learn. We need to carve a niche for aberrations to be excused. We need to learn, practice and perfect a life that does not bind us to perceptions, judgments, opinions and attitudes which can be affected by Time and Space. Patience is the best tool to uncover Truth. But, ironically, the quality of Patience required for this venture, the pursuance of Truth, can only be acquired by Faith – i.e., to believe beyond doubts or even reason. Nay, I am not talking about religion.

 …the journey is on.      


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