Posted by: Laxman | February 10, 2009

Blog II

READER, I am back with my musings. The only difference between these posts titled “Blog” followed by the part in roman numerals and the other posts is that, these are an account of the ‘search,’ a search for ‘myself’ as I confessed in ‘Blog I’ while the others are carefully constructed articles. The search is not refined. I relate my musings first hand. Therefore I am bound to argue, substantiate, contradict and conclude in the raw method-less nature of a thought process. Yes, I guess, you can say that. This part of my blog is a thought process, so crude and raw that they retain the freshness with which thoughts are conceived in our minds. I am not looking to rhetorically decorate them in an attractively presentable language but typing them out as they appear in my mind.

When I say that I am searching for ‘myself,’ which I rather left unattended to in the last edition, I mean the search that each and everyone of us must embark on at some point or the other in our lifetime to understand what are we made of. I am not aware whether this search is spiritual, factual, historical, philosophical or psychological. I presume it constitutes of all these facets with which we approach the ‘self.’ Man began it unconsciously and Des Cartes brought it to his consciousness.

I look at the world today. I read about the world of our ancestors. I try to hypothesize the world that will be inherited by our children. I read various religious texts. My search is after that which cannot be bent; the imaginary ideal – the Absolute. Trying to observe the Absolute from an Arbitrary medium as an Arbitrary being is not very unlike looking out through the window from within a moving bus. The only other questions being – How big the bus (Arbitrariness) is? Where does it end? (the not-so-defined demarcation between the Arbitrary and the Absolute). The window? (the gateway from the Arbitrary to the Absolute). And then where does the Absolute start?

The past is full of fact and fiction. Fact mixed with fiction. In other words, we can qualify Absolute as the Truth immaterial of whether or not it is perceived by us; whether or not perceptible to us, Truth continues to exist, waiting for us to discover it. I am careful enough not to use the word ‘Lie’ in this context as a Lie would be a deliberate twist of what is ‘True,’ rather than a misinterpretation or misconception of Truth itself. The misinterpretation or misconception of Truth makes for the Arbitrary medium – the world and the Arbitrary beings – us.

Human beings have various constraints. The biggest being the two that support our existence/continuity itself. Time and Space. These two things separate us. They divide us. All those minds that have ever inherited this world have always been either divided by Time, Space or both. Which means that we have to constantly rediscover the Absolute. We are bound by our Arbitrariness. It is quite impossible for one person to know all the Truth in the world. Yet it is amazing, how, if you compile all the people, of all generations and put them into one confining world, then you have it there, the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.

…the musings will continue.      



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