Posted by: Laxman | February 8, 2009

Blog I

READER, firstly, a word of thanks for visiting the Top-Right Corner. Secondly, I invoke your patience for the following two paragraphs as I am compelled to dwell a little on my honest intentions behind blogging.

Although, I particularly find it hard to imagine a reading public of my blog yet, I am forced to attribute the lack of readership to my own irregularity and therefore it has now become my responsibility to post some rather readable material on a more frequent basis. Due to various constraints concerned with time and space, I might not find myself the opportunity to contribute here on a daily basis. Owing to which, I solemnly invoke the goodwill of The Supernatural Element to bless me with the providence to be able to do so. Amen.

As a blogger, I believe in a one-to-one relationship with you, the reader, and therefore you might take some time getting used to this most direct way of addressing, begging your attention to the topic on hand. I have been blogging for almost two years now. You might ask how qualified am I to claim so only on my third post here (you are entitled to ask me absolutely anything.) My only honest explanation is that, it took that amount of time, for me, to get accustomed to this new (!) media and I, rather naively, have been writing sporadically over multiple blogs without realizing the significance of creating a substantial virtual space for myself built around a single consistent platform. Hence, to begin with, I shall, here after, blog but with WordPress. You can certainly have my word for that.

Now, allow me to give you an insight upon the crux of the topics you might expect to be debated here. I am on a constant search; of course, everybody is on one or the other! However, I am on a constant search for myself and hence, reader, you might expect to encounter, mostly, those topics that concern the absolute, the arbitrary and the abstract. I am looking to find some answers to some questions. I am not a total spoil sport, mind you, in which case there will be the odd poetry, essay, critical appreciation of things worthy to be subjected to, reviews of current affairs of the globe, even otherwise some fantastic story, et al. That is to say, you shall not be disappointed by boredom here; however I shall try not to inflict that upon you by my humour.   

I am, by birth, one half Hindu and the remaining Christian Protestant. I, however, reserve myself to no particular religion or caste (as an Indian, I am forced to touch upon that word, even while disqualifying it in my domain.) Once old enough to individually hold on to a particular faith, I was inclined to believe that I was a Hindu for a period of time until I found one part of me begotten from a Christian genealogy. And then, I was inclined to believe that I was an agnostic until I discovered that it was merely a concept, besides being based on a rather fragile belief system. Later, I was inclined to believe that I was going to be converted into a Christian until I found that most Christians by nomenclature and denomination were hardly any by practice, by the definition of the term in its entirety given to us by The Theocrat. I have enroute studied various gobbledygook bearing the –ism and –ist suffices which have managed to capture the attention of a particular age for a certain period in time before appended into the history of mankind. I have to my amazement discovered a little bit of myself in each of these above though not wholly. Thus, I am forced to declare this constant search of myself, which I little believe would end till my intellect ceases to reason at all.

Today, I shall not delve further into the details of a topic. We shall reserve it for the next edition of this blog. However I would like to maintain continuity with respect to this segment of my publishing. Therefore, until we meet again, take good care of yourself.

                                                                                                                   …will be continued.




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