Posted by: Laxman | February 7, 2009

Title Description.

He driveled the ball through the defenders after taking the pass from his Center Back. The left wing was his, his own to rule. He had two personal markers, people who always saw to that he never had his way with his feet. If they could not take away the ball from him, which mostly was the case, they aimed for his ankles with their boot nails. He would dodge. Con them one way and retrace his swift feet over the other and bamboozle them between themselves and would be beyond them in a jiffy. Once a clear field ahead he ran;  and when he ran, no one could catch him. Once he reached his range, he shot; and no one can bend it like him with a right-footer. The ball heads for some distance wide of the mark. The keeper dives and in vain, grasping nothing but the nothingness of air as the ball dodges his outstretched left hand and heads for some distance wide of the mark. Once past the keeper, the ball swerves inside; and nothing else swerves as a shot from him. It dodges the right up-right and the top beam and dives into the perpendicular. Only one thing conquers the ball among the opponent elements – their net. It pulls it back, caresses it and gently allows it to subside to the green top, only one of the two lesser blocks which matter most in the game. Lets set the ball rolling again. 

The winger has hit the top-right corner.


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